Be the DANGER!!

"HeisenBEAR" T-shirt
"HeisenBEAR" T-shirt
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"HeisenBEAR" T-shirt
Are you a "Die-hard" -Breaking Bad- Fan?? Do you have what it takes to be THE BOSS?

He took out Krazy 8. He took out Tuco Salamanca. He ran over a man with his truck and shot another in the head. He took out Gus Fring. He shot Mike. He even had 10 people killed inside of a federal prison.

Do you have the guts to be THE DANGER?

"If that's true if you don't know who I am then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly." and Order this -EPiC- "Heisenbear" tee TODAY!!

*^*^~BE THE DANGER~^*^*

100% Combed Ring-Spun Lightweight Cotton

Machine Washable

Screen Print Graphix

Made In Chicago